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Driving in Ice Fog at 50 Degrees Below (F) in Fairbanks, Alaska

Driving in Ice Fog at 50 Degrees Below (F) in Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska — 50 degrees below zero (F) is super-cold, and this temperature creates ice fog. Driving in ice fog is hazardous with just 100 feet of visibility at times. Vehicles and...

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Driving into the Ice Fog, Fairbanks, Alaska

Panorama above the Ice Fog; Driving into it; and Fairbanks sunset 2 days later. Temperature between -38F and -43F. January 6, 2009.

finds a user from Netherlands on Feb 4, 2012
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Freezing fog

Not excatly sure where this is but strange things of nature do happen.

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Ice Fog

Making some Ice Fog in Northern Manitoba in -43C weather. January 4, 2014 Saturday.

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How To Make The Perfect Fog Effect Using Dry Ice!

Visit http://www.chillistick.com for pellets and packs of dry ice. When you add warm water to dry ice it creates a fantastic smoke and fog effect. The warmer the water the more dense the fog...

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Frozen Fog Turns Forest Into Wonderland!

Tom Niziol and Sam Champion look into this wild weather.

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Ice Fog Alaska

Boiling water at 60 below in Two Rivers Alaska. To all you Newsminer bloggers! Dedicated to Corinne.

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DRY ICE EXPERIMENT AT HOME !! Kitchen full of fog !!

SUBSCRIBE for more PRANKS, VLOGS, etc.: http://bit.ly/ViralBrothersVLOGS YESTERDAY´S VLOG: NEW SUPERHERO VIDEO: OUR OTHER CHANNELS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChHf1jUL8PjXc4NbIIN1wwA...

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How to make a cheap DIY fog chiller

UPDATE- Cheaper, easier, & cleaner design here: http://ice-fog.purzuit.com/video/MfGBbLusXQ0.html Want a cool ground fog effect for Halloween? Watch this quick tutorial on how to make any fog machine...

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How to boost a 400 watt fog machine with ice!

Six year old explains how to boost output of a 400 watt fog machine using ice.

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Beamz ICE1200 Low Fog Dry Ice Effect Machine 1200W Stage DJ Party

Visit http://www.electromarket.co.uk for more details! This intricate technology doesn't come at a better price: introducing the 1200W ICE1200 Mark II ice fog machine from Beamz, which is...

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Access DJs - wedding first dance with low fog aka low-lying fog

www.accessdj.com www.accessphotovideo.com.

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Vaporized: A glass of water turns into ice fog

A glass of water is thrown into the air at -45F in Deadhorse, Alaska. Watch as liquid water instantly turns into ice fog!

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Beamz ICE1800 Low Fog Dry Ice Effect Smoke Machine 1800W Stage DJ Party

Visit http://www.electromarket.co.uk for more details! This intricate technology doesn't come at a better price: introducing the 1800W ICE1800 ice fog machine from Beamz, which is designed...

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Voltage AC 90V-240V 50/60HZ Power:3500W Normal Heat-up Time 12min(3500W) Electron Temperature Control 70℃~80℃ Water Consumption 10L (up to waterline) Max Continuous Output Duration...

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Pegas Fly / Ikar Boeing 767-300ER landing in ice fog at St. Petersburg airport

Evening, -27°C, freezing fog, very beautiful Pegas B767 arrives in St. Petersburg after flight from Punta-Cana. Extremely difficult weather conditions for plane spotting. Aircraft: Boeing...

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How to make THICK fog with a smoke machine and Dry Ice

Hi guys and thanks for watching for this you will need a Smoke machine (any wattage will be fine) Foam box (needs to fit a 2kg block of dry ice in) Smoke juice (home made or shop bought)...

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Rent Chauvet Nimbus dry ice machine (low fog) in New York from EventStarts


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How to Create an Awesome Dry Ice Fog Effect

Follow this quick tutorial to create a huge fog effect perfect for pranks, parties, and movies.

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How to make a Dry-Ice Powered Mini Fog Machine

Follow along as Mike from The Geek Pub shows how to make this super cool Dry Ice Powered Mini Fog Machine. Have you ever wanted your very own fog machine for a dance party or for a halloween...

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Fog / Dry Ice DIY Tutorial for Photographers 2017

Simple and potable fog maker you can bring on your photo shoot. No electricity or power needed. Fog / Dry Ice DIY Tutorial for Photographers 2017.

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DIY Dry Ice Fog Machine - FROM THE BENCH TO THE BOOTH/ Ep. 2

NEW RETAIL VERSION @ http://ezicefog.com/ FOR MORE DETAILS. The above prototype dry-ice fog machine was made from a RIGID brand wet-vac. Features battery operated remote control activation....

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Make a Dry Ice Fog Fountain! Fun and Easy! (Full HD)

Today I'll teach you how to easily make a dry ice fog fountain. For the most fog, use hot water. Warning! Dry Ice is very cold and can cause frostbite on contact with skin! Wear gloves and...

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(Easy) How to use Dry Ice to make fog for Halloween & other Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

DYI Decorating \

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Client Demo - MDG Ice fog Q - Low fog curtain


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Heavy Fog Dry Ice Effect

Freezefog Pro liquid CO2 chiller with a G300 fog machine. Available from Pea Soup Ltd at www.smokemachines.net.

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Duluth Trading Alaskan Hardgear® Ice Fog Parka and Bibs

Shop now: http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/mens/mens-outerwear/akhg/akhg2.aspx?src=WPYT.

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Low Lying Fog Machines: ADJ Mister Kool vs. Antari ICE-101

Low Lying Fog Machines offer a simple alternative to a Dry Ice machine. But which one should you use for your event? The Mister Kool is great for small parties and events, where the Antari...

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Ice Fog

43 In Yellowknife, NT.

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Simple Home Made Dry Ice Fog Machine

Super simple design for low laying fog. Costs about $20 to make. Any questions feel free to comment.

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Homemade Fog Machine

Hey everyone, I just went out and bought a few materials to make a fog machine. For the fog to come out you need to cut two holes in the sides of the bins (one for the fan and one for the fog...

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Dry Ice Fog Effect - Video Tutorial By Chillistick

When dry ice and hot water mix, the result is lots of tiny drops of water in a cloud. The fog you have created is the same as the fog seen in nature. This experiment shows how to make a big...

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Okay, I was asked if the Mister Kool could create something like the Chauvet NIMBUS using Dry Ice and water.... Hmmm, check it out! Thanks, Mike 816-224-0044 www.B2DJ.com.

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